One More Day.........

One more day before Connor starts Kindergarten.  So many emotions going on at our house.  Today we meet the teacher (even though we know her) and get to see the new classroom.  I hear it's very cute with a play area.  Connor was pretty worried there wouldn't be toys so I am sure he will be happy.

Flashback Pictures:

Here are some pictures from Connor's 3rd birthday in preschool.  He turns 6 next month.

And let's not forget our little Carson.  He starts THIRD grade!  When I was in third grade, I met Carol at the bus stop.  It is so hard to believe Carson is that age now.  Time is just flying by and I want to hold onto every moment.  Savor, savor, savor. 

Here are some pictures from when he was in preschool:

Carson and Connor having snacks after the concert.

And I just had to add this one.  Connor sporting his very trendy Gap jeans.

They are really growing up.  I know we should be happy but it's so tough when you just want to stop time.  I hope they take it as a compliment that I think they are perfect just the way they are and don't need to change a bit.  Love you boys!

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Anonymous said...

I can remember those outfits and those days, the pictures a wonderful and tug at my heart strings. Two such perfect little guys. Grandma's Best Boys!