Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe I haven't blogged since July!  I guess I was taking a much needed break and enjoying living life instead of writing about it and documenting it.  I kind of wish I had kept it up since it's so hard to find pictures once the moment has passed, etc. 

Here are some highlights: 

 Connor is reading and he has 5 loose teeth!

Carson was on a baseball team and did great.  He found another sport he loves.  He was also in a class play and found that he has a knack for acting and being in front of a crowd.  He is not shy at all! 

Connor played soccer and started out the season slow but finished with a bang, scoring 4 goals in two of the games and various other goals this past season. 

Carson loves LEGOS and also loves his new Lego Mega Mindstorm from Santa.  He is falling in love with programming it and we couldn't be happier since it seems like an educational and cool toy. 

Connor got a golf club from Santa and is looking forward to summer lessons (as well as brother). 

The past few months we have gone sledding, camping, and had fun at some holiday parties.  I am a room mom for Connor's class and it has been a blast!  Carson's class doesn't do a lot of parties but when they do they are fun.  I got to attend a field trip with his class.  We went to the small town of Tubac, AZ and got to reenact the kids being in school in the 1800's.  What fun that was! 

Brandon is always working on projects that improve our home and we now have more fun antiques in our yard for the kids' parties.  We even got to go as a family to the Annual Jeep trip at Catalina State Park and had fun.  Hopefully 2013 will bring more Jeeping! With sports and school it is hard to fit it all in. 

We had a wonderful holiday season and hope everyone else did!  Here's to good health, happiness, and making great memories in 2013.

Here are some pictures in no particular order:

Halloween class party

Connor's Thanksgiving concert

Carson turned 10!

Connor became a Tiger Cub Scout

Connor still loves green, running, and Nike!

First day of school 2012

Carson became a Webelos 1 and won for his Scary Cake

Carson in his baseball uniform

Sledding in Mt. Lemmon
And here is my Red Neck Wine glass I won at our White Elephant gift exchange on Christmas.  I will be toasting the new year with this! 

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July!  We are lucky enough to both be off work today and get to join friends for a bbq.  Although I am not making this cake, I am making some fresh salsa and crock pot bean dip.  I hope it turns out!  I hate making new recipes for other people but I have to try new things in the kitchen.  The first place I searched for my recipe was Pinterest.  I really love seeing the item visually and then checking the recipe.  I have found it so helpful lately.  

Happy Fourth of July!                                         

Summer Time is Here!

Summer is here and we are happy at our house.  No more homework or getting up early for a few months.  The boys also get to go on a few camping trips, one to Pinetop, and spend some days with their awesome grandparents when Mom and Dad both have to work.  Let the fun begin!

The boys have been swimming and Connor is now able to swim like a fish.  He still gets a little worried and needs us right next to him but is improving each day.  They are also in golf camp which is great for seeing some of their friends and getting some exercise. 

Our first trip this summer was to Yellowstone National Park.  It was amazing!  When we first got there it was snowing lightly and Brandon actually barbecued our dinner in the snow.  We all sat in the warm RV watching and felt bad but he said he didn't need help.  The dinner was delicious too as we were all starving from our long trip from Provo, Utah.  The weather improved as the week went on and actually got so warm that the boys wanted shorts.  I only brought one pair each! Oops.  Mama didn't pack right because when we got to Moab, Utah it was 100 degrees.  Luckily they had a wonderful laundry room at the RV park and we got to drink soda, read magazines, and people watch while doing 5 loads of laundry.  We got to watch as people came into the office every 5 minutes asking for a site only to hear, "we are full".  Who comes to Moab in June?  Apparently, everyone! 

In Moab, we were excited to find out that Will Smith was in town shooting a movie with his son.  I jumped on Twitter and found all these tweets about Moab and how great it was there.  Too bad we never saw a star but it was exciting looking for one while there.  Johnny Depp will be there in July shooting Tonto so more excitement for Moab. 

We were happy to get home and start our summer but also have great memories of our 12 day road trip.  It was our longest trip yet in our RV and really fun.  We look forward to the next one. 

Off to read some of our library books then hit the hay! 

** Sorry no vacation pictures in this post.  The boys highjacked my photo computer for online educational games.  I can't find it in my heart to kick them off.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone!  We just got back from Spring Break in California.  We went to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and Universal Studios.  We had a great time and walked a ton!  The weather was great and of course there were crowds but not too bad.  One of the highlights was spotting Tim Allen on a private tour with some family members.  My sons were so excited as he is the voice of Buzz Light year.  We all had fun guessing which rides he went on and if he went on Buzz or not.  Connor is taller now so he could go on more rides and he also wanted to impress Brandon and Carson so he rode more.  Carson talked me into going on a major roller coaster and we didn't realize until we were in line that it was an hour wait. Oh well.  Brandon and Connor were very nice and patient to wait and not eat lunch until we got off the ride. 

Last night we colored eggs and the boys got very creative this year using scotch tape to layer colors and make cool designs.  We also used oil to make speckled eggs which we have never done.  We then made some caramel corn and finished the night off with some Home Improvement. 

 This is California Screamin'  Carson and Brandon did it twice.

There's Tim Allen in the black jacket.

Who can resist a picture with Mickey?

The boys coloring eggs.

Today we will celebrate with some quality family time and dinner at my mom's with brother Jim.  Although a small dinner it will be nice to celebrate as we always did with Dad and think of him.  He loved holidays and we want to keep that going for our kids!

It Is Already March?

I now can finally promise to keep this blog up more! I figured out how to post from my IPod Touch (that is when Carson will give it back). It really was the best investment we ever made. There are so many free apps available too.

We have been busy but life is good. The boys got to go skiing with Brandon over Rodeo week while Mama Bear stayed home to work. I didn't mind because I knew they were having such a great time and they love going to the White Mountains. It really is so pretty up there. They also went with Grandma and Grandpa D. and stayed at their cabin. They loved it and thank you to them for hosting the boys (all three).

The boys are now in golf after school once a week but will do a more rigorous class over the summer to learn more refined skills. Connor just got a new set of jr golf clubs from our neighbor's yard sale. He was very excited to have his own set and not have to share with big brother.

Connor continues to run milers every day at school but more on that later.

We went to Monster Jam last weekend. Connor got to ride a horse at school. I moved to my new building at work. We are in a parade this weekend. The boys both got 2nd place in their divisions at the Pinewood Derby Race. So much news and too little time!!

Here is a picture of Connors new pjs from Carol. She just loves buying the boys sports stuff since she doesn't have boys. So sweet!

Happy New Year!

There were some ups and some downs and we are happy to make it to the end of the year in good health and happy.  We wish everyone a great 2012!

I am a soccer mom... cool!

When I was younger I never really understood the term "soccer mom" - like did it mean you drove a minivan or you lived on the field?  Could someone be a soccer mom that didn't have a child in soccer?  What are baseball moms called?  Then there was the description of a bob being a soccer mom hairstyle.  Now that I have two boys in soccer I finally understand what a soccer mom is and that I am one!

Connor posing for me at Carson's practice.  He begged me to let him wear his uniform.

 I love this picture because Connor is making his cute embarrassed face.
Carson's team after their game.  He is #12

Carson at his practice.  Such a beautiful park.

Both boys have practice twice a week and they each have a game on the weekend.  So we have soccer 5 days a week.  I have to admit it's kind of fun.  I get to catch up with the moms I already like and meet some new ones.  I also get to play a little at Carson's practice.  Last week we decided to set up a mini game for the younger siblings and I got to play coach.  It was really fun and the kids loved it too.  Especially Mr. Connor.  He really is obsessed with soccer, choosing to wear soccer clothing as much as he can and wanting to practice his moves at home.  He actually asked me if he could show Coach Steve his "fancy footwork" with his soccer ball at his next practice.  He begins and ends each day with the question, "When do I have soccer again?"  Carson is also enjoying it too and is taking it more seriously than he did years ago.  Obviously he is older now but he is looking forward to going to practice and bonding more with his teammates.  Both of our coaches are so awesome and that really makes a difference in the entire experience.  I so appreciate volunteers that do this for the kids!  It's so much more work than Cub Scouts.

Speaking of Cub Scouts, this year I am a co-leader again for our den.  We had a few drop out due to sports and only have seven boys.  Unfortunately, we lost some really great boys that added to group.  We are finally finding the right balance to our meetings and having a great year.  I hope it continues and we can do more community service and teach the boys some great life lessons. 

And one more of Carson (need more of him playing soccer).  This is him at Connor's bday party.

Brandon and the boys went camping and jeeping this weekend.  They had a great time with the local Jeep club and made some great memories.  I had to work so it was nice they got to have some "boy time".  We have a few adventures planned for this fall/winter.  I am already getting excited about the holidays.  It always happens at this time of year.  I do enjoy the fall decor but always feel in a rush to get it out and bring in the hot cocoa, scarves, mittens, candy canes, and caroling.   Hoping we get some snow this winter too.  We need a snow day!

School Year is off to a Great Start


Connor loves school! I am saying this because it's heard in our house almost daily.  Connor has a great teacher, a good group of kids, and is enjoying the daily routine.  It is so nice to see him so happy and enthusiastic about school.  He also announced yesterday that he has his first loose tooth.  He said most of the kids in his class are missing at least one tooth so he will be glad to fit in.  The tooth fairy is on standby!

Carson is also loving school and doing great.  He is keeping up with homework even though he has a little more this year.  His teacher is asking for a lot of volunteers so I am going to help today and also help with their school store this year.  They sell pencils at lunch and use all the money for charity.  The class has charities apply for their funds and the kids actually get to choose where the money goes.  I think this a great life lesson for the third graders.  He is also in Cub Scouts and both boys will be in soccer starting at the end of September.  Busy times ahead with both birthdays coming up too.

We are busy getting things ready for Connor's birthday party.  He has so many great kids in his class but unfortunately we cannot invite them all since it would get out of hand.  He is having a sports theme since sports is his life apparently.  He tries to wear sports clothing everyday and he tells me all the time, "I'm a sports guy."  Yes we know Connor and we love you for it! 

Speaking of sports, we attended our first baseball game last week.  Connor caught a ball! It was so exciting and Connor is still beaming about it.  He got to bring it to show and tell to present to his class.  Another favorite event in kindergarten.  In preschool they only had it about twice a year and now they have it every Thursday.  At the game we also signed up for a raffle to win an ipod and they called my name! I was so excited.  Carson has used it more than me because it has a radio feature.  I am also loving my ipod touch.  It's one of the best electronic devices I have ever owned. 

So what have I been up to now that they are in school?  Besides working full-time, I started back at the gym.  The first step was actually going and getting back into the groove of wanting to go.  I only go on the days the kids are in school because I don't want time away from them. The kids can actually swim there in the winter since it has a heated pool.  We look forward to that!  I have been couponing a lot too and trying to find the best bargains.  The websites I really like are www.coupondivas.com and www.savingwithshellie .  I also enter every contest I can and just won another house party on houseparty.com and a sheet set/duvet cover from The Company Store.  It's amazing how many sweepstakes and contests are out there that people don't enter.  Oh, and I am also a Cub Scout co-den leader.  A challenging task but worth it if I can make a difference in these boys' lives.  We are planning more fun activities this year so the boys don't get bored.  My co-leader is awesome and she never gives up on the fun!  .com

And Brandon?  He is busy! I have never seen such a hard worker in my life.  He has been working on the yard and house projects a lot in the past few weeks.  He took on the task of cleaning the garage and it really looks great.  I wish it was a little bigger so we could make it into a game room.  He is also planning a few camping trips for us. 

All in all, the school year is flying by and everything is going great.  Connor is going to be six soon and he is growing up so fast.  It is nice to see him so proud and happy to be a big boy!  Carson has been a great big brother in helping him get to class, picking him up at class, and teaching him how to buy milk at lunch.  They are a great team.  

One More Day.........

One more day before Connor starts Kindergarten.  So many emotions going on at our house.  Today we meet the teacher (even though we know her) and get to see the new classroom.  I hear it's very cute with a play area.  Connor was pretty worried there wouldn't be toys so I am sure he will be happy.

Flashback Pictures:

Here are some pictures from Connor's 3rd birthday in preschool.  He turns 6 next month.

And let's not forget our little Carson.  He starts THIRD grade!  When I was in third grade, I met Carol at the bus stop.  It is so hard to believe Carson is that age now.  Time is just flying by and I want to hold onto every moment.  Savor, savor, savor. 

Here are some pictures from when he was in preschool:

Carson and Connor having snacks after the concert.

And I just had to add this one.  Connor sporting his very trendy Gap jeans.

They are really growing up.  I know we should be happy but it's so tough when you just want to stop time.  I hope they take it as a compliment that I think they are perfect just the way they are and don't need to change a bit.  Love you boys!

Back from our Trip

We recently went on vacation to Yosemite and Sequoia.  It was so beautiful!  The boys had a great time in the RV and Brandon made great food for us each night on the BBQ.  I promise to upload the pictures soon.  There are too many so I have to group the best ones in an album. 

When we got back, the boys did one more week of golf camp.  They love it!

They received Jr. Ranger badges at both parks.

Fourth of July

This Fourth of July Brandon and the boys got to go to Pinetop with Grandma and Grandpa D.  They had a great time! They ate out, went to Cars 2, shopped, made homemade ice cream, made s'mores, played games, went bike riding, rode go-carts and enjoyed the cool mountain air.  The best part was the Annual Fourth of July parade.  It takes place in their adorable neighborhood and the people put so much thought into it.  The boys even scored huge amounts of candy and coloring books.  What a great time. 

I had to work but they got home in time so I could eat Fourth of July dinner with them.  I was happy they went because the boys really had a great time and made some great memories.

Here are some pictures from their weekend: